New Course That Connects Investors to Affordable Housing Projects Aims To End Homelessness For Vulnerable Women

New Course That Connects Investors to Affordable Housing Projects Aims To End Homelessness For Vulnerable Women

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Sydney, May. 4, 2021 /Medianet/ --

The number of professional women that have stable jobs but can’t afford private rental properties is increasing and many of these women are having to couch surf, sleep in their cars or camp, often in unsafe circumstances. They are essentially the “Hidden Homeless”, not counted on the official surveys because of feelings of shame, custody issues or an overwhelming feeling that even if they do get on the list, it won’t change anything. 


Across Australia, we are experiencing an affordable housing crisis, fuelled by the double whammy of the post pandemic housing boom and mass migration of many from the capital cities to regional and suburban areas. 


These factors have considerably reduced the available housing stock and pushed rental prices up. It is common to hear stories of over 50 people showing up to a rental house inspection and the winning bidder paying above the advertised rental price with the rent paid 12 months in advance.


The situation shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The Australian Financial Review recently reported that property prices are expected to increase this year by up to 19%. Yet, economists that took part in theSydney Morning Herald/The Age’s Scope Survey, estimated that the economy (and therefore wages) will grow by 6.5% this year. The gap between wages growth and real estate prices is increasing and this shows we need more affordable homes than ever.


In response, High Impact Property Investments, have launched a free Masterclass called “GROW WEALTH, MAKE AN IMPACT. LEAVE A LEGACY, which is designed to educate experienced investors about the ethical and financial benefits of providing housing for vulnerable individuals.


There is often a quandary between wanting to make a good return on investment or investing in a socially responsible way. But Dr. Dionne Payn, CEO of High Impact Property Investments has proven that this is possible in her previous affordable housing developments that have provided a healthy return of 20% p.a and exceptional homes for residents.


“We are hosting this free Masterclass because we believe that together private investors and social enterprise can transform lives through property and end homelessness.  This Masterclass demonstrates that good returns and ethical property investing can go hand in hand, and shows participants how to do so in a simple 7 step process”.


The 2 hr live Masterclass runs on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th May from 18:30 AEST. Interested parties can learn more by visiting




Dr. Dionne Payn is CEO of High Impact Property Investments Pty Ltd. Together with her co-founder Symon Peters they have been involved in the property industry for over 38 years, facilitated the development of over 1,000 properties with a value of $500 million


Their current project is the development of a number of affordable rental homes for women over 55, the fastest growing sector of society facing homelessness.


Contact Information: 

Dr. Dionne Payn

Co-Founder & CEO

High Impact Property Investments Pty Ltd

0401 440083

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