TIP:Organising Your Personal Libary

Organising Your Personal Libary

Why Do This?

Ever have that problem where you can't find that book you were telling your friends about because its lost in the chaos that is your so called library? Or does your room resemble what looks like the remnants of ancient columns with books pilled high in it's corners? Organising your own personal library is easy once you know where to start, but it does require some patience.

1 hour


You need to sort through your books, keep what you want and donate what you don't and then alphabetise what you've kept on your bookshelf.


Book Shelf/ Shelves Books Patience


Make sure your bookshelf is positioned away from direct sunlight- this can and will ruin your books over prolonged exposure. Clear some space on the floor in front of your book shelf and place all of your books there.
Sort through your books decide which ones you want to keep and which you're going to donate.
Once that's done you can start sorting them out by either alphabetising by author, genre or both. Remember you need to be patient in order to get this right.