TIP:Colour Code Your Filing System

Colour Code Your Filing System

Why Do This?

Is your home office looking like a bombs hit it with papers scattered everywhere? If you haven't gone completely paperless then finding something on your desk can be like panning for gold when you don't have the proper organisation.

1 hour


Use coloured folders for filing to ensure that any documents are placed in the correct location and can be easily found when needed.


Coloured Folders Label Maker Patience Shredder (if required) Bin


Place all your papers to one side of your desk or if needed on the floor next to you.
With the label maker label each coloured folder with a title, e.g finance, insurance, personal, home etc. Place each folder on the desk. Remember the colour you choose for each document type will be the pattern you should follow from here on in.
Start sorting through your paper work. Either bin or shred the unwanted papers, place each document you're keeping in its respective folder.
Once you've sorted through and your documents have been placed in their folders, place them in their designated area whether its a filing cabinet or shelf.