TIP:Setting The Table For A Dinner Party

Setting The Table For A Dinner Party

Why Do This?

Wanting to make your next dinner party better than your last? Did your table look bland like you had just thrown it together at the last minute? We all want to have a gorgeous table setting that will impress our guests. We have a few pointers that will make your next gathering just that little bit special.

Half an hour


It's all about thinking it through and placing the right pieces together. Adding personal touches and having a theme will help you create a memorable dinning experience.


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Make sure that the dinner table has enough space to comfortably fit all of your guests. But remember that you don't want too much space as it can make conversations a little awkward if voices need to be raised to be heard.
This is an important decision to be made, there are so many choices in the type of tablecloth you choose. Think of the tablecloth as the canvas for the rest of the setting. What look are you going for? For instance do you want an earthy look ? - If so go for linen. Or is it a bit of a fancy occasion? If so, do you want the tablecloth to be monochrome or decorated? Do you want it to be a brushed cotton with a shine to it? Think about these options, this will also help you figure out what type of decorations if any you may want to add to the table.
Set your table with your cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins.
Once the table is set add your own personal touch of decorations. You can add touches such as candles for ambience or a floral or fruit centerpiece. Whatever you decide is entirely up to you and your taste and the look you're going for. If you're going for the minimalist look with clean lines and monochrome finishes then you may want to exclude any decorations or keep it to simple decorations like candles.