TIP:Organising Your Wardrobe

Organising Your Wardrobe

Why Do This?

If your closet is anything like mine then looking for something is like weaving through the dense jungle of the Amazon. We all get to a point where our closets look cluttered and there's just not enough room to add anything else.

1 hour


By decluttering and organizing your clothes, shoes and scarves into colour and size you may be able to find what your looking for and create some extra space for any new purchases.


Patience Garbage bags Hangers


Pull out everything and add it to your bed. Start going through your clothes, shoes and scarves and decide on what you are keeping and what you are not. Any items that are not being kept place into the garbage bags and put them aside so you can drop them off at your local charity or charity bin.
Grab your coat hangers and start to hang the items of clothing you are keeping. To keep them organised place group them in colour rather than style. It doesn't need to be from shortest to longest as items get lost and mixed up. We want to have colours grouped together to make items easier to find. Use the hangers with the clips on the sides to hang skirts and pants- fold in the sides to make it look neat.
Place bulky jumpers in drawers as they are bulky and to heavy to hang and will lose their shape. Fold your jeans also and place them in a drawer or shelf.
You have two options for your scarves. Either hang them on a hanger designed for scarves or fold them and place them on a shelf for easy access.
When it comes to your shoes place the right shoe toe facing outwards and the left shoe toe facing inwards. This will allow you to see the design of the shoe without having to pull it out until you find the pari you are after.