TIP:Declutter Your Attic

Declutter Your Attic

Why Do This?

If you have an attic chances are that the area looks like a scene from a horror movie where your expecting a ghost to pop out from the many boxes that live there. Decluttering this space will mean there is more room for storage of things you do need and things you don't need will either be thrown out or donated to someone that needs them. If the room is accessible you could possible end up turning it into a living space or home office.

1 hour


With plenty of help from a partner or friends you'll need to sort through the boxes you have stored up there over the past few years.


An Attic Patience A Partner or friend Garbage bags Boxes Marker Empty bin


Make sure you have some help. Most of the time we have a lot of stuff stored in the attic that we hold onto for absolutely no reason. So your helper will not only speed up the decluttering process but will also be your voice of reason when its time to throw out that old quilt cover you've been hanging onto since the 1980's.
Start with whatever's in front of you , use the garbage bags to dispose of any items that need to be thrown out. To avoid double thinking about what you've thrown out have your helper take the bags out to the bin once you've filled them.
Place items that are to be donated in boxes labelling them with a marker to indicate what's in them e.g cutlery, crockery, clothes etc. Also use boxes to store items you want to keep. Label them accordingly.
Finally if you have any large furniture items that can be donated most charities offer collections so ring around. For any other large items that can be disposed of your local council also offers a few free collections per year so jump on their website and book one in.