TEEAM organizes Public Discourse on Electrical Safety Awareness

TEEAM organizes Public Discourse on Electrical Safety Awareness

Public Discourse discussed on facts, statistics and solutions moving forward in driving an electrically safer environment for all

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PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Electrical & Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) in collaborations with Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) successfully organized the inaugural Public Discourse on Electrical Safety Awareness (ESA 2019) at New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 2nd November 2019.

The Discourse, which aim to increase and strengthen awareness on Electrical Safety among all stakeholders of the Building & Construction sector, was attended by more than 200 participants consisting of Developers, Consultants, Contractors, Property Managers, and Property Owners. The half-day Discourse was supported by three (3) Main Programme Partners -- Hager Engineering, Megahock Pipes & Profile Manufacturing & Wise Pro; and featured three speakers.

The theme of this programme underpinned the current reality of the electrical risks in buildings and properties, which the discussion topics covered, i.e. the electrical hazards in buildings and properties, regulatory updates on electrical safety and understanding the risks and hazards of electrically unsafe buildings.

TEEAM President - Siew Choon Thye (far right) & TEEAM Safety & Compliance Committee Chairman - Datuk Ir. Azlan Robert Abdullah (far left) with the speakers (from left): Architect Centre’s Ar. Anthony Lee Tee, Suruhanjaya Tenaga’s Pn. Joanna Lenta Samana & Vice President of TEEAM, Ir. Kok Yen Kwan

According to Architect Center's Accredited Trainer & Inspector - Ar. Anthony Lee Tee who spoke on the topic Electrical Hazards: The Real Kisah Benar, "While we have adequate laws, there are still properties and buildings with safety concerns stemming from designs, construction and maintenance."

The second speaker for the day, Assistant Director of Suruhanjaya Tenaga's Electrical/Gas Safety Development Unit - Pn. Joanna Lenta Samana with the topic Electrical Safety Compliance: Regulators' Update, "Suruhanjaya Tenaga continues to enhance electrical safety as the energy demand and electricity consumption in the country continue to rise; and we hope stakeholders present at the Discourse have benefitted from discussed subject matters, such as development of policies, codes and guidelines; statutory requirement for Water Heater systems; statutory requirement for installation of RCD; implementation of safety management plan / programme."

The last speaker to present, TEEAM's Vice President & Chair of the Engineering Construction & Services Group - Ir. Kok Yen-Kwan with the topic Is Your Building Electrically Safe? How Sure Are You, "Stakeholders are reminded that Electrical Safety is everyone's joint-responsibilities, and therefore are urged to observe safe and regulatory-compliance practices."

He further added, "TEEAM & our members look forward to working with all sectors and the public in cultivating knowledge and awareness for a safer Built Environment."


TEEAM is a representative body of the Electrical and Electronics industries in Malaysia. TEEAM was established in 1952 and it aims to work closely with all government departments, statutory bodies and the private sector to ensure and promote orderly growth and development of the Electrical and Electronics industries; while promoting the importance of electrical safety.

About Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Suruhanjaya Tenaga is a statutory body established under the Energy Commission Act 2001, and is responsible for regulating the energy sector, specifically the electricity and piped gas supply industries, in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. One of the three core, main role of ST is on Safety Regulation, i.e. to protect the industry, consumers & public from dangers arising from the generation, transmission, distribution, supply & use of electricity & the distribution, supply & use of piped gas.

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SOURCE The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM)

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