Stay Cool Man!!! New Fan makes REAL impact on Australian Energy Consumption Problem - Live Demo this Wednesday

Stay Cool Man!!! New Fan makes REAL impact on Australian Energy Consumption Problem - Live Demo this Wednesday

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Palm Beach, Qld., Apr. 15, 2019 /Medianet/ --

“That’s not a fan”, is something we hear every day.

Like all great shifts in technology we need to blow some minds and generally accepted ideas. How about a fan without any blades. Airius are global leaders in the fan cooling and heating market as they are meeting a significant global issue – the need to reduce Energy Consumption. The Airius fans can reduce between 20-50% of energy consumption of a traditional fan while also able to propel more cool are area a space, when applied to Air Conditioning applications the performance is additionally impressive. Having taken the USA and UK by storm they are now making their mark in the hot dry Australian summers.   

The newly launched Airius G400 fan is specifically designed to make an impact in the Large Open Spaces market. Many have said our Patented Airflow Technology has to be felt to be believed, if you or any of your colleagues are in Brisbane on the 17th April (11am) we will be holding a live demonstration of the G400 fully installed into Brisbane Boys College. 

If your unable to attend, please find attached an introduction to this leap in airflow technology.

Stay Cool Man!!!

Airius G400 EC Fan System is pushing G-Force Velocity into Australian Hot Zones

The hotter the internal temperature of a building is, the more a breeze feels like a slice of heaven. We have all been in a school sports hall dripping with perspiration surrounded by dense hot air or a theatre where the air-conditioning just can’t keep up. The problem has always been the same, traditional fans aren’t capable of moving, let alone propelling, large volumes of air around large open spaces so you feel cooler.

This is now a concern of the past as the newly released Airius G400EC fan has exceeded market and performance expectations. With its recent introduction into Australia, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable large open spaces… the reinvention of the fan just got serious!

Unconventional in design, the Airius range of fans is reinventing the way Australians are cooling and heating; name another fan that can work equally well in all seasons? The patented airflow technology used in these fans utilises an “air jet” like process that is able to push out incredible airflow quantities never before seen in any other fan. People often take a second look and comment “how is that a fan?” Well; the simple answer is, it’s a massive technological advancement in the market and that’s just the beginning.

The G400EC, small in size like all Airius fans, doesn’t have exposed blades, which removes many of the negatives of large bladed fans. No strobing of lights, no concerns with balls in sports halls hitting fan blades, no expensive three phase power (single phase), lightweight so no structural impacts and they can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing you to optimise the design of a space to suit its inhabitants.

That’s right! You can even put the fans in corners, at the end of warehouse aisles to keep staff cool… the list goes on. Airius have reinvented the fan to eliminate all the traditional issues of a bladed fan, now it’s up to you to imagine the possibilities for your applications.

The Airius G400EC captures and propels large volumes of air through the patented airflow system.  With a centreline velocity of 2.9 m/s @ 10 metres it’s a powerful, strong and quiet fan.

Designed for large open-air spaces from 7-12m high, it’s ideal for sports halls, warehouses, manufacturing, entertainment centres, railway stations, aircraft hangars or indoor/outdoor stadiums. Schools, basketball associations, adventure centres, councils and retailer’s warehousing facilities have been first to get their hands on the fans as the G400EC is making many serious OH&S concerns for staff and children a problem of the past.

Released in the late 2018, the G400EC immediately took the large open spaces market by storm, currently installed in Brisbane Boys College (QLD), The Kings School (NSW), Cedar College (SA), YMCA (QLD), Urban Extreme (QLD), PLC Perth, Daly River Sports Centre NT,  and some big and well known retail brands we can’t talk about. 


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For Technical Applications – Specifications below


Model 400 EC



Ceiling Heights¹

7m-12 m

Floor Area¹

100m2 -250 m2







C/L Velocity @ 10 mts


Thrust -Newtons




IP Rating


Operating Temp²

-25°C - 60°C

Thermal Shut Off¹


Reset Temp¹


Sound Pressure Level @3 mts d(B)A



Company Background

Reinventing Airflow since 2004, Airius have revolutionised the global fan markets with their market leading air circulation and thermal destratification systems. Their Patented Airflow Technology is reinventing the expectations of a fan and with amazing outcomes, providing comfort from heat in summer and offering warmth and energy savings in cooler environments. Not to mention the phenomenal improvements on cold zones in grocery stores and their ability to reduce condensation issues. These architecturally designed fans are taking the stage as their sleek design blends into every location with ease and sophistication. As testament to its superiority, the Airius system has quickly built an extensive and prestigious client base including well-known brands such as Coles, Qantas, CSIRO, Kmart, DHL, TYCO, Woolworths, Toyota, SCEGGS, Halliburton, Honda, BMW, Bridge Climb, IGA, Startrack, Dept.  of Education, and globally recognized brands such as AUDI, British Telecom, Walmart, Air France, Morrisons, ASDA, RICOH, Unilever, TESCO, McDonalds, Siemens, HEB, Kroger, Mercedes Benz, British Airways, Land Rover and many, many more.

View fan options at ….. you won’t believe they are fans. 

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