Monash Media Alert: Biofuels in Australia

Monash Media Alert: Biofuels in Australia

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Mulgrave, Vic., Jun. 13, 2019 /Medianet/ --

A Monash University expert is available to discuss the following topic:

Biofuels in Australia

Dr Diane Kraal, Senior Lecturer in Business Law and Taxation - Monash Business School

Contact details: +61 409 556 430 or

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“Current Federal Government policy promotes coal, a non-renewable form of energy. But this is at odds with other State and Territory governments, which have identified wind and solar energy as possible solutions.  The lack of coordination between State and Federal Governments, as well as the 2014 repeal of the Carbon Tax, have stalled investment in other renewables, such as biofuels research and development.

“All governments need to re-think their energy policies in order to encourage investment for innovative biofuels research in Australia. Decisions made could help the nation achieve economic and environmentally sustainable outcomes today and long into the future. The 'Rethinking Biofuels' Seminars in Melbourne today (13 June 2019) will go some way to addressing this matter.”


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