How kids are driving the green economy

How kids are driving the green economy

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How kids are driving the green economy

Every parent has seen them and many have been shamed by them. Kids around the world going on climate change strike to ensure that the world they will inherit is fit to inhabit. 

But it’s no halting revolution ending on the streets. Many parents find when their kids return home from school, they are concerned about the environmental choices their parents are making; from the use of plastic bags to energy sources.

While a 2019 climate change survey showed 77% of Australians feel climate change is happening and 64% think we should be aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050; when it comes to consumer choices, price can often be a sticking point.

This gap between concerned kids and cash-strapped parents who want to make the right environmental choice but feel they can’t afford it represents a false dichotomy suggests Domenic Capomollo, CEO of renewable energy retailer, Tango Energy.

‘A lot of parents want to do the right thing but feel green energy is out of their grasp. They're simply not aware that green energy is not only affordable, it’s right in the sweet spot so far as value for money is concerned.’ 

In fact Tango has made this dilemma central to its product offering:  an energy solution that is green and lean.

Tango Energy - a 100% renewable energy retailer that has partnered with organisations like Melbourne City Council, NAB, and Melbourne University to build renewable energy projects like the Crowlands windfarm - says that children are increasingly aware of how consumer decisions impact the environment and are now educating their parents.

That combination of being green, cheap, and offering simple energy plans is what saw Tango win both Choice Magazine and Canstar Awards in 2018. Tango's green credentials are strong and are only set to get stronger.

Mr Capomollo suggests Tango’s focus on affordable renewable energy is not some marketing, zeitgeist, flash-in-the-pan idea. Tango is genuinely committed to renewable and making it affordable for all.

'Tango has been an energy leader for 20 years and has only ever used renewable energy sources. We’ve never used finite energy sources like coal or gas,' said Mr Capomollo.

'And as customers sign up to our energy plans, it allows us to invest more in green energy sources like windfarms and to reduce prices even further.

’What makes Tango stand out is that by next year all our products will be 100% carbon neutral, and 100% green. Kermit was wrong. It is easy being green.'


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