CQSola announces groundbreaking new Australian Invention to make Solar Farms and Rooftop Solar Systems safer and collect more power

CQSola announces groundbreaking new Australian Invention to make Solar Farms and Rooftop Solar Systems safer and collect more power

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Loganholme, Qld., Jun. 5, 2019 /Medianet/ --

June 5th, 2019 – A new Australian made Solar DC Optimiser and Solar Safety Product has started presales, as an answer to growing concerns from electrical regulators; that claim as many as 1 in 6 solar systems are “substandard”, and 1 in 30 was considered “unsafe”1. The OS1000 and the SCOM600 are the latest paired release from the Australian start-up, which hopes to create a safer working environment for solar installers, firefighters and homeowners alike. Allowing homeowners to verify all power from their Solar system is safe before accessing their roof. The Domestic DC Optimiser Presale is only currently available to Australian residents and promises to increase power in semi-shaded systems by up to 60% as indicated by their solar partial shading calculator. Older systems have more to benefit, with older cables presenting a fire risk if damaged, and power derogation prevalent.

The problem of operating with large voltages without a mechanism of ensuring the system is safe has been a technical issue for the industry, which until now has largely been unsolved.

“We’ve got a positive response from firefighters that we’ve introduced this system to. The system brings the voltage to safe levels and allows firefighters to perform their job, using water without fear of electrocution” – Tony Schirmer CEO of CQSola.

“As far as we know, we’ve produced the first solution worldwide that covers both DC optimisation and safety simultaneously”

The solar safety equipment is also capable of power transfer previously unseen in any solar converter; with efficiency ratings between 99.2-99.5% between input and output.

The Queensland startup is claiming the devices have the following industry-first new technologies. The first Solar DC Optimisers:

- that can convert power between Solar DC sources at 99.2 - 99.5% efficiency rating

- to include a Maximum Power Point Tracker that is typically adjusted within 2 seconds (improving from approximately 5-15minutes)

- to collect solar panel data in 1-second intervals

- that are designed for SIL2 Safety Rating; allowing industrial usage, including Solar Farms, Military, and Government usage

- to have IP68 water resistance, and can be used in moisture-heavy and saltwater conditions

- to be compatible directly with off-grid and battery attached systems

- to be compatible with all current solar inverters

The system is also able to

-    reduce the power of a solar system to Extra Low Voltage when needed; to ensure that it stays at the safe voltage for firefighter safety.

For more information please contact or phone 0738063132

1An audit of the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) was conducted late last year, and covered by ABC in May 2019:

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