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Our mission is to revolutionise how homes are bought and sold worldwide - Come and join us!

At Home Live we see the way people make one of the biggest choices in their lives - where they live - and how much better that could be. Today we enable remote engagement with homes all over the World to help home owners, buyers, renters and agents all come together better, but this is just the start of how we'll revolutionise real estate discovery. We're looking for people who believe there's a better way than how things are done today and want to be a part of making that a reality.

COVID-19: Due to the global impact of COVID-19, all Home Live staff are able to work remote for the remainder of 2020. We'll also be working with all our staff to determine the best long term arrangements thereafter. We totally understand that for some people, working remotely allows for a more fulfilled life, productive work and time saved on commuting, while for others it can be isolating and difficult to concentrate. Our goal is to design a solution that maximises all our team's personal fulfillment while making sure we're serving our customers and working effectively toward our goals. During this time hiring and onboarding will be done virtually.

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  • Front-End Developer
    Full Time - Sydney, Australia
  • Marketing Manager
    Full Time - Sydney, Australia
  • Project Manager
    Full Time - Sydney, Australia
  • Customer Success Manager
    Full Time - London, United Kingdom