There’s Something About Radelaide – Interstate Demand Fuelling Adelaide’s Property Market

 Last month, Property Journalist Andrew Street revealed in a devastatingly candid tale, why his love affair with Sydney had come to an unfortunate end, and how his love of the glistening harbour city had officially turned to “unrelenting disgust”. A bit harsh you might think?Citing many reasons from transport and construction to public safety, Mr Street revealed the final straw was undoubtedly the most predictable - HOUSING PRICES. Specifically, the spiralling rent increases since Read more [...]

Dump Or Delight? What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Derelict Property

Sydney’s obsession with buying a dump is becoming an epidemic. A wave of dilapidated houses have hit the market in recent times, with house-hunters dreaming of picking up a bargain property in a sought after location.Last month alone saw Domain journalist Kate Burke’s auction research trip turn into a half submerged leg in the floorboard of a derelict Newtown terrace. The house sold for $1,051,000, after a fierce bidding war between two buyers who were not the least bit concerned by all Read more [...]

Why Let A Stranger Inspect A Property For You When You Can Use Home Live?

It’s an ongoing frustration amongst renters who are looking for a new home yet either can’t make the inspection time, or have multiple properties that they would like to inspect fall during the same time period. But would you let a stranger go to an inspection for you? A company in Melbourne called Propzee conducts inspections of properties for rent for people who can’t be there in person, claiming to provide its clients with a condition report on the fixtures in each room along with photos. Read more [...]

Find Your Tribe

Somewhere Over The Rainbow… Apparently - There Is A Property For You!It’s official, the property season is back in full swing, and in case you missed it, a recent article published by Stephen Nicholls, Property Editor at The Daily Telegraph, saw Sydney home buyers who will be hitting the streets of Sydney as they hunt down that golden ticket, classified into tribes - labelled creatively by Buyers Agent, Lauren Goudy.So which tribe do you belong to and how will you fare according to Ms Read more [...]

Is The Quintessential Dream Of Owning A Home Soon To Be A Distant Memory?

Australian Housing Market Rated As ‘Severely Unaffordable’ For generations and generations, most of us were taught from a very young age that you must start saving to buy your own home. Owning your own home by the time you were thirty was the dream.My parents in particular got me on the saving spree in the very early days and would be most disappointed if I hadn’t saved 30% of my pocket money weekly. I still remember coming home one day at fourteen years of age after a teenage shopping Read more [...]

Could This Be The Real Reason Brisbane Is Saying No To Apartments?

It’s a trend that has been present for some years now, but large Brisbane Construction companies are starting to feel the pain from new apartment build jobs which are drying up quickly, and now down 40% as reported this week in Domain Instead Brisbane residents are opting for detached houses with detached house and land packages seeing an upswing of four percent, year-on-year to the end of the September quarter.Although excellent news for the smaller building companies who specialize Read more [...]

‘Homing’ In On Rental Frustrations

Our 3 Tips To Get Your Feet In The Door – Literally Long-term renting is now considered to be a lifestyle choice according to findings from’s latest Consumer Intentions Study (2017), with more and more people opting to hold onto their capital as opposed to tying it up in mortgages, whilst others are simply being priced out of the property market, so are purchasing properties as investments in outer suburban areas, and renting places in the inner city suburbs of their choice, Read more [...]

Beating The Pre Auction Sale Blues With Home Live

The number of homes selling before auction has surged in southeast Queensland’s property market according to an article printed in this weeks Courier Mail (2017, December 19), a result which high profile Apollo Auctions director and auctioneer Justin Nickerson stated he hadn’t seen in years. “Some weekends, I’ve had 10 auctions scheduled and I’ve called three. That never happens in Brisbane”. The data reported also showed that for the majority of 2017, the number of sales prior to auction Read more [...]

Home Live To Liven Up Your Saturdays

Searching for a property to rent or buy on a Saturday morning can often feel worse than the most stressful day at work. We all dread waking up first thing on what is supposed to be the first day of the weekend, sifting through countless properties to inspect, whilst rushing around in Saturday morning traffic in the hopeful event that you may just make that inspection before you need to be at the next - Breathe. Let alone giving up your Saturday mornings to begin with, which could be far better spent Read more [...]

Welcome Home – Enters
 Open Trial enters open trial phase in Australia, pioneering the way for Agents to broadcast real-time, remote property inspections for buyers & renters. Home Live, a new immersive property discovery platform that allows both Agents and Consumers to engage via real-time, interactive property tours and fully interactive 3D models, today announces it’s entered open trial phase in the lead up to its official launch in Australia at HOME.COM.AU. HOME.COM.AU, which is the brainchild of ex Silicon Read more [...]