Dump Or Delight? What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Derelict Property

Sydney’s obsession with buying a dump is becoming an epidemic. A wave of dilapidated houses have hit the market in recent times, with house-hunters dreaming of picking up a bargain property in a sought after location.Last month alone saw Domain journalist Kate Burke’s auction research trip turn into a half submerged leg in the floorboard of a derelict Newtown terrace. The house sold for $1,051,000, after a fierce bidding war between two buyers who were not the least bit concerned by all Read more [...]

Why Let A Stranger Inspect A Property For You When You Can Use Home Live?

It’s an ongoing frustration amongst renters who are looking for a new home yet either can’t make the inspection time, or have multiple properties that they would like to inspect fall during the same time period. But would you let a stranger go to an inspection for you? A company in Melbourne called Propzee conducts inspections of properties for rent for people who can’t be there in person, claiming to provide its clients with a condition report on the fixtures in each room along with photos. Read more [...]